[ppml] Draft ARIN Recomendation

Geoff Huston gih at apnic.net
Fri Oct 22 15:42:05 EDT 2004

I have to agree with Leo here that the IETF should be interested, and
is interested in the views expressed in the open policy forums hosted
by the RIRs, particularly on matters associated with addressing and
address deployment and use conventions.

As to 'weight', the IETF tends to give weight to arguments that are soundly
articulated, clearly express a viewpoint, and support that viewpoint with
data. I'd like to say that this is irrespective of the origin of the response,
but perhaps that is a little too idealistic.

As to the level of mutual interest and support between the RIRs and the
IETF, there has been conscientious efforts in recent times to ensure that
the IETF is interested in what the RIRs and the open policy forums have
to say, and to ensure that relevant IETF work is presented in RIR-hosted
open policy forums as work in progress and the reactions from the forums
is conveyed back to the IETF, as is happening in this case.


    Geoff Huston

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