[ppml] Draft ARIN Recomendation

Barbara Roseman broseman at ix.netcom.com
Thu Oct 21 17:28:23 EDT 2004

At 01:57 PM 10/21/2004 -0700, Bill Woodcock wrote:

>      "The ARIN Membership believes that the proposal in
>       draft-ietf-ipv6-unique-local-addr-06.txt would be
>       harmful to the future of the IPv6 Internet.  The
>       ARIN Membership recommends that this draft NOT be
>       adopted by the IETF."
>       On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, william(at)elan.net wrote:
>     > I would like to check also if Leo really wanted this to be "The ARIN
>     > Membership" as that implies only ARIN Members.
>Good point.  "ARIN and its constituents" perhaps?  Or just "ARIN"?
>                                 -Bill

I thought that I heard during the discussion some people say that the IETF 
and IESG might be more welcoming of comments if it didn't come from ARIN as 
such, but from the ARIN participants. A subtle point, but whatever helps 
move the process along.



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