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Ed Allen Smith easmith at beatrice.rutgers.edu
Wed Oct 20 22:21:28 EDT 2004

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October 2004 21:57:51 -0400), jlewis at lewis.org (Jon Lewis) wrote:
>On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, Ed Allen Smith wrote:
>> I have to question whether it is proper for ARIN to be using
>>non-publically-available information to make decisions on reassignments of
>>IP address space - IP address space that is not "owned" by ARIN any more
>>than the ISPs et al it is assigned to own it (unless ARIN wishes for
>>courts to
>This has been done for years though, probably since the inception of ARIN.
>If you have a case for IP allocation, you can submit i.e. business plan
>documents to ARIN under NDA and they can decide if your plan justifies
>more immediate space than you could otherwise get under the rules.

I am aware of this; I am contending that this should _not_ be the case, at
least for any information suitable for publication in Whois, that being the
subject of the current debate. It would not appear that most business plan
documents, to use your example, would be publishable in Whois in any
reasonable form (not counting limericks!) - for one thing, Whois should
_mostly_ be an indication of the _current_ status of the network, not
its projected _future_ status (although some comment records may be


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