[ppml] Whois & privacy related changes - ideas for future

Ed Allen Smith easmith at beatrice.rutgers.edu
Wed Oct 20 09:08:03 EDT 2004

I agree overall - strongly in many cases - with your comments, with one

In message <Pine.LNX.4.44.0410191525190.14589-100000 at sokol.elan.net> (on 19
October 2004 16:03:26 -0700), william at elan.net (william(at)elan.net) wrote:
>Question remains if this is ok with ARIN as instead of getting actual
>list of customers with exact ip blocks they use, ARIN info would now be
>just number of reassignments of different sizes - but I have feeling that 
>maye exactly what ARIN wants and uses when determening utilization anyway...
>Plus if they need more info, they can always ask.

I have to question whether it is proper for ARIN to be using
non-publically-available information to make decisions on reassignments of
IP address space - IP address space that is not "owned" by ARIN any more than
the ISPs et al it is assigned to own it (unless ARIN wishes for courts to
start treating IP addresses as the property of whoever they're currently
(re)assigned to?). IP address space is managed by ARIN in trust for the
users of Internet IP address space, who should be able to monitor ARIN's
decisions in this regard, including having all information necessary to
decide for themselves whether said allocations are justified.


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