[Fwd: Re: [ppml] Policy Proposal 2004-7: Residential Customer Privacy P olicy]

Paul Bradford paul.bradford at adelphiacom.net
Wed Oct 20 06:36:45 EDT 2004

garsh you guys can turn a discussion into pretty much a totally 
cornfusing debate over legal baloney.....  :-D 

 I've been considering this some more and most company's don't use SWIPs 
or whois to track there customers internally, they have some type of  
ticketing system.... as long as some type of pressure can be put on the 
ISP (most of the time by the rest of the community by blackholes/SPAM 
filters) then I am for this....  so in essence (all legalities aside) 
technically I am for this....  still not sure what home user's gonna use 
a /25 but still for it....


p.s. most probably have no clue who I am.  I'll introduce myself real 
quick.  As my e-mail shows, I am Paul Bradford.  I work for Adelphia 
where  I am a Network Engineer in Adelphia's NOC so I don't really deal 
with ARIN at all. 
I attended the ARIN Operational BOF on Monday night.  I once subscribed 
to ppml back a couple of years ago but saw eventually saw it as not 
something useful for me to be subscribed to.  Well after the BOF I was 
pretty spun up.  I think ppml needs to have people 
(Operators/IPAdmins/IP Janitors) be more proactive in discussions so 
here I am posting and reading.  You are not going to lots of big 
corn-fusing  words in my posts....  I think big words cornfusing words 
waste breathe and airspace..... <sorry to offend any big word users>
I think my posts may have caused more traffic on ppml in quite some 
time... hurray!

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