[ppml] Policy Proposal 2004-6: Privacy of Reassignment Inform ation

william(at)elan.net william at elan.net
Tue Oct 19 18:23:27 EDT 2004

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004, Randy Bush wrote:

> > There have been very very very few cases of abuse of reassignment
> > information by one isp to get customers of another ISP.
> you're kidding, right?  there have been cases of massive abuse.
> but not for stealing consumer customers, rather large commercial.

And do you have a confirmation that stealing was done based on ARIN whois?

In any case, if its large commercial, then this policy is not going to 
make much difference. Large commercial customers can be found by variety 
of other ip scans pretty easily and if they are really large then
finding contact info is not a problem either.

Somehow I think ISPs already know what large commercial customer their 
competitor has anyway and if not, they can find it out if they want to
without whois (be it TLD whois or ip whois).

William Leibzon
Elan Networks
william at elan.net

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