[ppml] ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual

Andrew Dul andrew.dul at quark.net
Fri Oct 15 21:53:18 EDT 2004

I just wanted to specially thank Einar Bohlin for doing such professional
job of helping collate and preparing this document.  I believe this new
document will help ARIN and the community greatly as we move forward in the


At 12:38 PM 10/15/2004 -0400, Member Services wrote:
>Recognizing that the set of documents that state and describe the various
>ARIN Internet Number Resource policies is not organized in a single
>useable fashion, the ARIN Board of Trustees, at its meeting of 3 August
>2004, adopted a strategy and accompanying schedule to collate these
>documents into a single document. The ARIN staff prepared the document.
>The ARIN Advisory Council reviewed the document to ensure that all
>existing policies were present in the new document, that they were
>correctly stated, and that no inadvertent changes had been introduced in
>the collation process. The ARIN Advisory Council, at their 27 September
>2004 meeting, recommended that the document be adopted by the ARIN Board
>of Trustees. The ARIN Board of Trustees, at their 29 September 2004
>meeting, adopted the ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual.
>Effective 15 October 2004, the ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual is the
>official ARIN policy document.
>According to the strategy adopted by the ARIN Board of Trustees, all of
>the previous versions of ARIN policies have been archived.
>The Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) can be found at:
>The NRPM will be version controlled. The original version is 2004.1. A new
>version will be issued as policies are added, modified or deleted.  All
>activity will be recorded in Appendix A of the document. Previous versions
>of the NRPM will be archived.
>Raymond A. Plzak
>President and CEO
>American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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