[ppml] Re: BBC does IPv6 ;) (Was: large multi-site enterprises and PI prefix [Re: who gets a /32)

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Nov 26 04:31:59 EST 2004

> What you really want is PI assignments in IPv6, and you shouldn't be
> changing the PA allocation rules or interpretation of these rules so you
> can get this under the radar.
I'm not trying to get anything under the RADAR.  Yes, I want to see us
modify the policy to cover allocations and assignments, much as the
current IPv4 policy does.  However, I'm not suggesting it under the RADAR,
I've been quite up front about it.  ULA is an attempt to slide something
under the radar, and, that is one of the reasons I have opposed it.

> Tony Hain said he's going to ask for a BoF at the next IETF meeting on
> somewhat aggregatable PI space in IPv6, I suggest the RIRs don't take any
> action in this area until then.
Even if the RIRs started working on a draft now (which I think is a good 
it would be at least a year before anything real happened on it.  As such, I
think there will be no difficulty incorporating the output of Tony's BOF
into such policy well before it was adopted.


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