[ppml] composition of and representation on the BoT

John Brown CT john at chagres.net
Tue Nov 23 12:03:04 EST 2004

> their vote. It takes a bit to get acclimated. Marla has a good idea
> about putting things into proper perspective relative to how a policy
> may impact any particular organization. It's just a matter of an
> effective way to execute such an idea.

ok, so then maybe there needs to be a printed quarterly news letter sent 
to member contacts that has a section ala Marla's idea.

6 weeks before the "annual meeting"  election info is printed, policies 
to be talked about at the annual meeting are printed, etc. mailed to 
member contacts (plural)

the above should also be available via mail to "interested third 
parties" ala non-members that register with ARIN.

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