[ppml] composition of and representation on the BoT

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Tue Nov 23 11:37:10 EST 2004

No offense...but I think we have gotten a little side tracked here.

First of all...Literacy means the "ability to read or write."  I do not
believe the ARIN, BoT, AC or any of the mentioned in these strings of email
are trying to actually increase "literacy".

However, I think we can all agree that a larger participation with policy
proposals and input in regards to IP addressing in general is desired.

So putting aside all the entertaining banter.... the main question we all
want answered is:

"How do we encourage people to read policy, policy proposals and voice an

One suggestion I had provided at the Policy Bof was to take a policy in the
"proposal stage" and make a short easy to understand summary of what the
proposal means.  Also make a list of how this proposal if put in active
status would affect small, medium and large Internet using companies.  If
you make it very clear up front how such a proposal may effect a certain
type of IP Address User....they are much more likely to provide input on
ppml and at the conference because they are no longer having to do all the
guess work of how this proposal could possibly affect their companies bottom

Marla Azinger
Electric Lightwave

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> ahh, i did not realize our goal was increasing literacy

increased literacy seems to increase knowledge and participation in events

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