[ppml] composition of and representation on the BoT

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Nov 22 20:10:49 EST 2004

i understand the value of an annual report in terms of transparency.
but would someone please explain to me how it will increase member

perhaps a bit more goal-orientation would be useful
  o what is it we're trying to achieve?  wider representation?
  o what other audience needs to be reached?  real normal human 
    beings, aka end users?
  o what procedures do we have in place that makes it hard to do
    so?  popularity contest elections among an in crowd?
  o what would appeal to some real users to cause them to want to
    spend their time helping guide arin?  annual reports?  not.
    many fine lunches and dinners?  with this crowd?  not.  fame
    and fortune?  not.

so, what will actually entice folk to spend time on arin?


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