[ppml] composition of and representation on the BoT

John Brown CT john at chagres.net
Mon Nov 22 16:26:02 EST 2004

> I have couple suggestions, but that will involve spending some money though:

ARIN has money.....  so not an issue

> 1. Send by postal mail a package about ARIN's activities to members once/year
>    about week or two before the elections (possibly before member's meeting
>    that preceeds it) which would include report of ARIN's activities for
>    past year, list of new policies that were approved by BoT, summary of
>    policies under discussion and information about candidates for ARIN's
>    elections with reminder about participating in those elections.

You mean like an "Annual Report" ala what RIPE has done in the past ??

I think this would be a GREAT THING!!!

> 2. Provide some kind of incentive for those that do participate - after 
>    they confirm their vote, they get some kind of free coupon. Examples
>    of what these coupons maybe for:

Getting people to participate is difficult.  There has to be "value" for 
them to participate.  THis is either prevention of a bad thing ,or 
promotion of a good thing, either have value.

I think the first thing ARIN should do is to actively have a survey of 
the membership.  Not some web form thingy, but hire a company that will 
call each and every member and ask them a series of short and specific 
questions.  THen report those results to the membership and to the 
public.  We used to do this for customer sat checks once a quarter when 
I lived in Silly Valley.

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