[ppml] composition of and representation on the BoT

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Nov 19 23:29:44 EST 2004

It is not invalid to only vote for one BOT or for 1,2,3, or 4
AC positions and abstain from one.  In a vote for N office,
rarely to the votes cast divided by N result in an integer.
Just human nature.  A combination of "I only like N-y of the
candidates", "I can't read and follow directions, but, I'm going
to vote anyway", and other factors.

(Who used to work for a company that made voting machines)

--On Friday, November 19, 2004 08:19:41 PM -0800 "william(at)elan.net" 
<william at elan.net> wrote:

> On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, Andrew Dul wrote:
>> I'd of course like to see more people to participate in the process.
>> However ARIN currently has over 2100 members and unfortunately from my
>> reading of the election results only about 100 organizations even
>> bothered to vote in the election.   It is more than just candidates, IMO.
> http://www.arin.net/announcements/20041105.html
> Total Votes Cast for BoT: 259
> Total Votes Cast for AC: 588
> Each organization voted for 2 BoT and 5 AC sits, so it should be that
> the number of organizations that participated was:
>  based on BoT votes -  259/2 = 129.5
>  based on AC votes - 588/5 = 117.6
> I'm sorry but am I the only one that things something is wrong? The
> resulting number was supposed to be integer and I was expecting numbers
> to be the same!
> Here is how it looked for previous election:
> http://www.arin.net/announcements/20031107.html
> Total Votes Cast for BoT: 184
> Total Votes Cast for AC: 644
> Each organization voted for 2 BoT and 8 AC sits, so it should be that
> the number of organizations that participated was:
>  based on BoT votes -  184/2 = 92
>  based on AC votes - 644/8 = 80.5
> Can somebody explain why the difference and how many ARIN members really
> participated in each of these elections?
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> But in any case it does look a lot like only 5% - 6% of the ARIN
> membership participates in elections - that is really really bad!
> I think for next year ARIN needs to do somekind of voter-drive,
> perhaps an extra /20 for every member that votes will help :)
> And based on the number I suspect that those who voted are pretty much
> the same group that participates in ARIN members meeting or otherwise
> actively pacticipate in ppml, which means its really it the same small
> group of people/companies that determine ARIN policies and that has been
> my suspision all along.
> ---
> William Leibzon
> Elan Networks
> william at elan.net

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