[ppml] NRO Response to ITU Comments on th e Management of Int ernet Protocol (IP) Addresses

Bill Darte billd at cait.wustl.edu
Fri Nov 19 11:09:16 EST 2004

Are you suggesting that individuals themselves should be responsible....?
....to identify those things that affect them and seek solutions and
collaborating/supporting individuals and organizations....?

We have similarly novel idea here at the university.... students are
responsible for learning.... teachers and facilities are there only to
support them....


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> I am personally quite interested in the developments of my 
> local, state and national legislatures.  Because of this, I 
> am very frustrated that someone doesn't personally notify me 
> of every public hearing, interpret the text of all proposed 
> statutes into simple language so that I can understand the 
> implications, and ensure that everyone else who isn't 
> currently involved or interested is forced into a similar 
> level of participation.  I believe my governments should 
> spend whatever it takes to meet these expectations and levy a 
> tax on everyone else to subsidize this proactive initiative.
> Bantering,
> -ron

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