[ppml] RE: [arin-announce] NRO Response to ITU Comments on th e Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses

John Brown CT john at chagres.net
Thu Nov 18 14:40:17 EST 2004

Part of the issue, as I've mentioned many a time before, during and 
after my time on the AC is.

Many US based ISP's, ergo the small business thats an ISP, don't view 
ARIN as something to be involved with.  They see this because of:

1.  ARIN is for the big boys.

2.  ARIN was really a PIA for them to deal with in the past and thus
     they don't care about it today.

3.  ARIN, what have they done for me lately??  I'm a business person
     when it affects my bottom line I'll care.  (this is bad since some
     policies from ARIN aren't know until after the fact)

4.  ARIN, who are they again ?  Oh yeah  My upstream has to deal with

Bill, the entire outreach and education function of ARIN is sadly 
missing.  ARIN needs to reach out, and yes that might mean it needs to 
be a bit more BOLD about it.  NANOG doesn't count.  NANOG in the view of
the small to mid size ISP (more of them than large guys), is for the Big
Boys as well.  Its topics are not something that a typical /20 holder 
would goto.  Travel costs aside.

Personally I believe the AC needs to be much more active and openly 
communicating with the "stake holders"   The AC is involved on some 
policy making functions, but kept out of other policy making functions.

The AC is the path for the community to the BOT, and if the BOT is 
talking about policy, then the AC had better be getting active feed back 
from the community.  This hasn't happened in the past.

john brown

Bill Darte wrote:
>>From my perspective, a non-ARIN Member, I see 3 things-
>>1. Many people do not even know what ARIN is!
>>	I took an informal survey of 10 IT professional's
>>	in my area. And 5 IT managers.
>>	The professional's varied from desktop support to CCNA's.
>>	Of those 15, 6 knew what ARIN is, 3 knew they could somehow
>>	be involved without paying dues etc, and 6 were unsure of any 
>>	way they could influence policy.
>>2. This had some discussion earlier on a different thread, 
>>about a specific
>>	policy and whether or not the word was out to the community.
>>	If a policy that affects hundreds of potential (policy) 
>>users, is not known
>>	to them, how would they even know they can comment and 
> Many stakeholders are so indirect that they do not NEED to know.  The home
> Internet user, the small business entity.
> 3. YES, most of the people that participate on 
>>here have some kind of stake,
>>	as with most groups.  If you take this large scale, I 
>>bet there are no less than 50 
>>	organizations that you can participate in that you do 
>>not know about.....
>>	This is just the way things happen.....
> I'm sure that there are lots of organizations that look out for my interests
> that I don't directly participate in... (thanks to all those...whoever they
> are.
>>And lastly, I don't have #'s on this, but I am willing to say 
>>that there are a fair number of policies even authored by 
>>non-ARIN members. (Richard do you know?) IE Dr Jefferey 
>>Race-- Didn't he do one year before last?????
> Of course anyone can author a policy, but one has to identify an impact
> first.
>>Just my 2cents worth...
> I suggest that those on the front lines...the ISPs should be identifying
> that they are ARIN members and advocate for community
> interest/participation.  How many have newsletters that could include
> something about ARIN?
> That does not abosolve ARIN of the responsibility to attempt notify
> stakeholders of the role of ARIN and to invite participation.
> I would be interested in this list identifying stakeholders that have a
> 'significant' stake in Internet number resources that might NOT be aware of
> ARIN and its role.  This would be the first concrete step toward effective,
> universal stakeholder involvement.  Next we might find ways to collaborate
> with other entities that already have visibility to these entities or find
> other ways of notification.  Finally, there are ways that ARIN might
> influence general identity through public service and public relations
> strategies....provide copy to newspapers and news programs, etc.
> Bill Darte
> ARIN Advisory Council
> 314 935-7575

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