[ppml] RE: [arin-announce] NRO Response to ITU Comments on th e Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses

Hannigan, Martin hannigan at verisign.com
Thu Nov 18 12:53:03 EST 2004

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> On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Randy Bush wrote:
> > > I am aware that one does not have to be an ARIN member to 
> propose a policy
> > > or participate, however, I question how many non-members 
> are (a) aware of
> > > this; and (b) participate in the ARIN PPML and at meetings.
> > 
> > you can count me as one
> (c) And who were not previously involved in ARIN and had not 
> been on ARIN 
>     BoT or ARIN AC?
> I generally agree with Gregory Massel - its largerly the same 
> group of 
> people who are involved and by far greater majority are from 
> large ISPs 

Here's some quick stats. I won't say they are 100%
accurate, I but for the purpose of discussion, it 
should be ok:

TIER1:         14
OTHER ISP:     35
     TOTAL     49

OTHER:         28
EDU:           11
VENDORS:       09
GOV:           05
RIR:           07
     TOTAL     60

There's more NON ISP participation than ISP.

> who are the ones that I suspect have larger participation in elections
> as opposed to smaller ISPs (who can vote but too many dont) 
> and as such
> have greater control over who is on ARIN BoT and ARIN AC and 
> through that
> are capable of moving through policies that are of more 
> interest to them
> rather then policies that are of more interest to public at-large.

The minority of the BoT is made up of ISP.

The AC makeup is largely non tier 1 ISP and predominantly other ISP.

AOL, Cisco, and MCI had the most people attending outside of 
ARIN staff. MCI, nor Cisco employed folks hold any elected 
position as far as I am aware.
> Now that said I certainly don't think ITU can do any better - in fact
> its even tightier group and in too many countries governments 
> are corrupt

I disagree. I don't have any proof to offer except my experience
working internationally via large ISP's. I'd rather deal with 
global committees than labor unions any day of the week.

> or otherwise serve only small most powerfull group of 
> persons/companies.

There's certainly nothing wrong with experienced people offering

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