[ppml] RE: [arin-announce] NRO Response to ITU Comments on th e Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses

Jeff Urmann Jeff.Urmann at HFA-MN.ORG
Wed Nov 17 15:44:41 EST 2004

> I am aware that one does not have to be an ARIN member to propose a policy
> or participate, however, I question how many non-members are (a) aware of
> this; and (b) participate in the ARIN PPML and at meetings.

a.) I`m an "aware" non-ARIN member.  I stumbled across PPML in 2002 looking
for information to acquire additional public ip address space.  My ISP
declined my request saying that ARIN policy says I do not qualify.  But only
after I insisted on getting a reasonable explanation.  My ISP was not going
to "fight" for me.  I had to find a "voice" of my own.

b.) I`ve never been to a meeting, and in my current position, probably never
will.  I`m an PPML lurker mostly, but I did provide input on one policy
proposal in the past (2002).  In that discussion, I mentioned many of the
things Gregory mentioned.  Many offered the same suggested we`re currently
seeing now.

Since this seems to be a re-occurring theme, my concern is that not enough
is being done in a timely fashion.  I`m not sure what I can do.  My voice is
just too insignificant to ITU to make a difference.

If ARIN do not want government control over (I)internet (is it a proper noun
now?) names and numbers, then take action; be more pro-active in getting the
word out.  The notice to PPML comes only a couple days before ITU will be
accepting comments.  I believe the time has come and gone (November 15,
2004).  Or did I read it wrong?


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