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> Comments on the Management of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses
> Gregory stated....
> > I also think that it is extemely naive to think that the ITU 
> > won't actively 
> > try and persuade them that their approach is better and that 
> > they're more 
> > involving of government. It is up to the RIRs to engage 
> > governments to 
> > ensure that the ITU's voice is not seen as being the only 
> one in this 
> > matter!
> > 
> Agreed.  I think it is incumbent upon ARIN and the NRO to 
> engage Governments
> directly and to invite them (and all other stakeholders) to become
> participants in physical and online meetings.

A letter to the President or Prime Minister is likely to 
accomplish as muchas a letter to a clerk.  Perhaps the public can 
engage their local representatives, especially in governments 
where officials are keen to display interest in their constituents,
and most especially in nations other than Canada and the U.S.

> I suppose a first step is to identify key individuals and 
> departments and
> place them on the ARIN 'Announce' mail list.

er, after getting their consent.  We wouldn't want to run afoul
of anti-spam laws.

> Another would be to offer specific 'education' on Internet 
> technology and
> organization that could be offered to government 
> entities...either as online
> or classroom tutorials.

An excellent project for CLEW!
Oh, sorry about that.

> Thanks to you Gregory for your active participation and discussion....

Hear, hear!

> Bill Darte
> ARIN Advisory Council
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Lee Howard,
ARIN Board 

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