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Also please have that compared to number of new ARIN members (plus end-user
assignments to organizations that did not previously had any space with 
ARIN directly) for the same period.

In the future it might also be interesting to have data how long on 
average it took from when company got its own ASN to when they asked
for micro-assignment.

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004, Leslie Nobile wrote:

> As part of its impact analysis, ARIN will provide statistics related to
> registration activity associated with policy 2002-3 30 days prior to ARIN's
> public policy meeting in April 2005.
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> > No.  From recent discussions sprung up from Nanog news of 
> > this change hasn't made it very far at all.  Also, given once 
> > someone knows they can do this they may have to put various 
> > ducks in a row to make it happen I think it is too soon to tell.
> Thought-- with the 7 new routers that Cisco just put out, all of which
> Could handle a FULL BGP route table, and the "low" cost of these, many
> Could be prepping budgets to do this and we just don't know..
> I have been advising ALL my customers that have multi-homing
> requirements to 
> Get their own space.  And the planning timeline for them is not short..
> I know many of you have renumbered, so you know what those folks are up
> against,
> Especially with the financial markets the way they are now.........
> > 
> > I would like to see month-by-month numbers, so we can attempt 
> > to tell if the rate of requests is still going up, going 
> > down, or remaining steady.  This is a better indicator, IMHO.
> > 
> > If we have month by month numbers for a year showing a trend 
> > that is not sharply increasing towards the end we are 
> > probably safe, otherwise, who knows?
> > 
> I think not only would this help but also the denied count.
> And a count of denied resubmittals.
> If I were to get denied, I would "realign the stars" and resubmit...
> I know that happened, I have heard of that before......
> I like statistics, but we are just starting the count........
> J
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