[ppml] ARIN 2002-3 statistics

Jim McBurnett jim at tgasolutions.com
Mon Nov 15 16:53:33 EST 2004

> First, doesn't look like a significant impact, but again, it 
> has only been 6 months...has 'word' gotten out that the 
> boundary was changed?...I don't know.

In my part of the world--- 2 service providers and 3 of my customers
	did not know.. (all that we asked) One customer currently has 
	3 Class C's from 2 providers...(yeah, this is a bad one)
	All 3 of those enterprise customers are now considering the

> It has been our announced commitment on the AC to revisit 
> this boundary after impact assessment.
> So...to the community this email reaches...
> 1.  Has there been sufficient time to devoted to the impact?

Personnally, I think it should wait 1 calender year.....
6 months is barely enough time to consider.

> 2.  Are the statistics below adequate to assess impact or are 
> others needed (suggest)?

I think we should wait, maybe someone on the AC should write
And article to Network World or something, and start the land rush.

> 3.  Should the Advisory Council entertain a boundary change 
> policy proposal for the Spring meeting?

YES, put it on the calender and then see what the membership and PPML

> 4.  In the event that 4 is answered in the affirmative, is 
> the boundary change a single or mulitiple bits?..and...who 
> would be the target for such policy change (e.g. only 
> multi-homed nets)?

I think it should be changed to read:
Multi-homed networks will be assigned /22, /23 or /24 allocations based
Utilization and needs in-line with other allocations and assignments
covered in 
Other policies...


> Your input to these questions and in other areas you thing 
> relevant are appreciated.
> Bill Darte
> ARIN Advisory Council
> 314 935-7575

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