[ppml] Draft ARIN Recomendation on draft-ietf-ipv6-ula-centra l-00.txt, take 2

Anthony DeBoer adb at onramp.ca
Tue Nov 9 19:13:00 EST 2004

Owen DeLong wrote:
> 2.	You believe that ISPs will do the right thing about these
> 	prefixes.  I believe that the moment ?the right thing?
> 	comes up against capitalistic greed, greed will win
> 	almost every time, especially if ignoring the right
> 	thing has no consequences.  If you believe me to be
> 	wrong on this point, please cite historical examples.

How about Sprint, several years ago, very heavily filtering their BGP
tables to keep them at a manageable size?

The financial thing to set against "free" IPv6 allocations would be the
cost of routing an out-of-control IPv6 table.  Possibly the hardware has
gotten better faster, and this time around router designers should be
better able to predict the size of table they're going to need to handle,
but it is definitely a cost that has to be considered.  Greed may lead to
some ISPs filtering the "new swamp" space in order to save having to spend
more money on routers; note in particular that the anti-aggregation
policy in this draft cuts against any effort to try and have a more
sensibly-aggregated table going from v4 to v6.

Unfortunately, the magnitude of routing costs vs. the savings between the
two flavours of IPv6 allocation are something I can't quantify.  The fact
that the costs hit the backbone vs. edge users differently is going to
lead to interesting politics and compensation-modes, though.

Anthony DeBoer

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