[ppml] Draft ARIN Recomendation on draft-ietf-ipv6-ula-centra l-00.txt, take 2

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Nov 9 15:28:04 EST 2004

--On Tuesday, November 09, 2004 08:16:15 PM +0000 matthew.ford at bt.com wrote:

> On , owner-ppml at arin.net (mailto:owner-ppml at arin.net) wrote:
>>> You wrote:  "The proposal is likely to create confusion in the ARIN
>>> region about which prefixes can be routed on the Public Internet."
>>> 1. Can you clarify what specifically could be confusing?
>> I can´t speak for Leo, but, the obvious source of confusion
>> in my mind is that when presented with a free /32 and a /32
>> that costs money from ARIN, someone running a router somewhere
>> is going to ask the obvious question of ¨Why is my free globally
>> unique /32 any less routable than my ARIN /32?¨  When he comes
>> to the conclusion that given global uniqueness, there is absolutely
>> no technical reason whatsoever and that the rest is essentially
>> hand-waving by the IVTF, it won´t be long before a discussion
>> with his ISP leads to his /32 being effectively globally routed.
> Except that it may be a discussion with *all* ISPs that is actually
> required before such a prefix would be globally routed. Sounds
> prohibitive to me.
> Mat

I think Leo addressed this fairly well, but, I believe most ISPs
and certainly all the ISPs that really matter for effective global
routability will be faced with the following:

	1.	Their VPs listen to their sales force.
	2.	Some customer will want to use free IPv6 space to
		connect to the internet and ask their sales rep
		why not.  At least one such customer will be
		big enough that as soon as one ISP says yes,
		the threat of ¨If you won´t route these addresses,
		I´m going to a provider that will¨ will be meaningful.
	3.	Simple market economics says that as soon as one
		or two large providers do this, the rest will follow
		out of economic necessity.  If they don´t, then,
		their customers will, and, they become irrelevant.

Therefore, while I agree that getting all ISPs to agree on anything
all at once is prohibitive, I believe that this structure requires
all ISPs to continue to agree not to route this space all at once
and, therefore, the maintenance of this structure is virtually


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