[ppml] Draft ARIN Recomendation on draft-ietf-ipv6-ula-central-00.txt, take 2

Ray Plzak plzak at arin.net
Tue Nov 9 12:20:37 EST 2004

Comments below.


> ICANN came to ARIN and said, "ARIN, ICANN would like to know how
> ARIN thinks IPv6 space should be allocated from IANA to ARIN and
> the other RIR's, please tell us your opinion."
Not true.  This actually started with the RIRs.
> A bunch of people scratched their heads and asked the basic question,
> "how do we get the ARIN membership to agree on a recommendation to
> ICANN?"  Well, the only process we had to get the members to agree
> on anything was the policy proposal process.  So, a proposal was
> generated, 2004-8, available at http://www.arin.net/policy/2004_8.html.
This is the mechanism that was used to do the IPv4 IANA to RIR policy last
> Many of us voiced an immediate concern.  This is not an ARIN policy.
> It is not binding on ARIN.  It does not handle how ARIN deals with
> its constituency.  It is ARIN, as a group, speaking to anther group.
> An interesting question (in part due to the proposal being in the
> old format) is should this recommendation go into the NRPM.  If it
> does, and ICANN chooses a different policy due to input from the
> other RIR's, will we have to go through the policy process to change
> it?
It will only be a global policy if all of the RIR communities agree to it.
There are provisions in the ASO MoU which preclude the ICANN board from
arbitrarily changing any proposed global policy presented to them.
> In the end, many of us seem to agree that we need a process outside
> the policy process to propose "ARIN Statements", "ARIN Open Letters",
> "ARIN Recommendations", or whatever you might want to call them.
> Also, due to the fact that deadlines for these comments are imposed
> outside of ARIN (by ICANN, or in the IPv6 case the IETF comment
> period) the process needs to be "quicker".  That may still require
> a members meeting, but at the least there should be a way to get
> it out in a single member's meeting.
Experience has shown that regardless of a global policy or a globally
harmonized policy there will be several iterations of meetings in all the
RIRs to reach a consensus as to what to forward to the ICANN board through
the ASO Address Council.

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