[ppml] Draft ARIN Recomendation on draft-ietf-ipv6-ula-central-00.txt, take 2

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Tue Nov 9 05:51:59 EST 2004

>   ]  ARIN on behalf of the ARIN membership and constituents believes
>   ]  that the proposal in draft-ietf-ipv6-ula-central-00.txt will be
>   ]  harmful to the future of the IPv6 Internet.  ARIN recommends that
>   ]  this draft NOT be adopted by the IETF.
>   ]
>   ]  The particular issues seen by the ARIN membership and constituents
>   ]  that relate to ARIN are:

I don't like this part. And I don't see how ARIN as an organization
can make this kind of decision before the next member meeting.

>   ]  - The proposal calls for a  a new "RIR" type function by fiat, 
>   ]    than using the existing processes to create these sorts of
>   ]    organizations.

Seems like a valid complaint.

>   ]  - The proposal calls for an RIR function to be provided at no fee
>   ]    to the end user, and with no method of funding the RIR functions.
>   ]    ARIN believes the IETF should not discuss fees in engineering
>   ]    drafts.

Seems to be picking nits. IETF drafts can say anything about anything.
It's the RFCs that don't discuss fees and I would hope that is sorted
out by the normal RFC editing process.

>   ]  - The proposal is likely to create confusion in the ARIN region
>   ]    about which prefixes can be routed on the Public Internet.

This is confusing to me but then I haven't looked at the draft recently.
Perhaps you could say what it is in the proposal that would create 

>   ]  - If the prefixes in the proposal become globally routed by major
>   ]    Public Internet ISP's it has the potential to impact ARIN's
>   ]    viability.

I've always hated arguments that boil down to "If you do this it will
hurt me".

If you feel strongly about commenting on the draft, then please
send your comments directly to the IETF mailing list. If you talked to
people at the ARIN meeting and want to pass on their concerns then 
please do so. But I think you are wasting your time with this idea
of drafting a letter that ARIN in toto will send to the IETF.

I don't think the ARIN membership decision making cycle time is
conducive to commenting on IETF drafts. If you really feel that ARIN
needs greater involvement in IETF activities then I suggest that we
should urge the AC or the Trustees or the ARIN employees to take on
that role.

--Michael Dillon

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