[ppml] Last Call Petition Vote request on Policy Proposal 200 3-9 (Whois Acceptalble Use)

Jeff Urmann Jeff.Urmann at HFA-MN.ORG
Fri May 28 14:36:14 EDT 2004

adb at onramp.ca wrote...
>william(at)elan.net wrote:
>> As an author of the proposal 2003-9 which is currently being considered 
>> for abandonment due latest action by ARIN AC, I'm asking for people who 
>> support this policy proposal to reply to this post or otherwise post to 
>> the list on ppml stating your support and to send email to
petition at arin.net
>> confirming that within the next 10 days.  ...

>I support this proposal.

I also support this proposal.

>Although keeping spammers from using our WHOIS contact information may be
>a lost cause, any future chance of recovering the situation does hinge on
>at least having the equivalent of a "No Trespassing" sign on the database.

I felt it important to note that I concur with Anthony.

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