[ppml] Policy Proposal 2004-4: Purpose and scope of ARIN Whois Directory

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Mon Mar 29 09:04:10 EST 2004

>> > 3. Organizations and individuals must guarantee to ARIN that contact

>I haven't been following this proposal, so perhaps I'm asking a stupid
>question, but; does this mean that customers who don't have a qualified
>staff can't have their address space SWIP'd to them?

No, it doesn't affect SWIP. You can still SWIP everything that
you do now, however, ARIN will no longer publish all of the
SWIPs in the whois directory. ARIN has always reserved the
right to ask for more information than is shown in the whois
directory if they need that information to analyse your utilization.

>Is the entire purpose of this proposal to force Level(3) to open their
>whois records to the public?

Not at all. This proposal will force all ISPs to either
accept responsibility as a contact point for all of the
address space that they have allocated from ARIN, or mandate
their customers (through contracts presumably) to take the
responsibility themselves. People will no longer get false 
positives when querying the whois looking for a contact
person. They will no longer have to backtrack up the
allocation hierarchy looking for someone who will respond
to their queries and solve the problem.

This proposal will not solve all problems but it will
ensure that the public whois directory has legitimate contact
information for people who are ready, willing and able
to communicate regarding network operations and interconnect 
issues and who is able to act on that communication.

--Michael Dillon

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