[ppml] Policy Proposal 2004-4: Purpose and scope of ARIN Whois Directory

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Sat Mar 27 12:28:20 EST 2004

> 3. Organizations and individuals must guarantee to ARIN that contact
>    addresses published in the whois directory will reach a person who
>    is ready, willing and able to communicate regarding network
>    operations and interconnect issues and who is able to act on that
>    communication.
> 4. Any other organizations may elect to be listed in the whois
>    directory as long as they make the guarantee detailed in item 3.
I think that "Any" is two vague.  How about something along the lines of:

4.  When an ARIN resource is reassigned or reallocated to an
    organization, that organizations contact information may be published
    in the whois directory, so long as they make the guarantee detailed in
    item 3.

> 5. All contacts listed in the whois directory will be contacted
>    periodically and the directory will indicate information which may
>    be stale if contact cannot be made promptly.
While I agree with the intent of this statement, I think it might be better
expressed as:

5.  ARIN will make periodic attempts to verify contact information and
    make a public notation on any entry which cannot be verified in a
    timely manner.

> 6. Additionally, the whois directory will contain, directly or
>    indirectly, a record of all address blocks sub-allocated or
>    assigned by the entities mentioned in item 3.
> 7. The records mentioned in item 6 will not identify the organization or
>    individual receiving the address block or their exact location. These
>    records will only indicate an organizational type, the nearest
>    municipality providing postal service to the end user, state/province
>    and country.
I have serious problems with this, and, I think paragraph 7 should be
stricken from this policy.  I think that the combination of paragraph 6
and paragraph 4 more than adequately addresses this issue without any
need for preventing good data from being available in paragraph 7.


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