[ppml] Re: ASN-based prefixes for leaf ASes

Anthony DeBoer adb at onramp.ca
Wed Mar 24 10:47:20 EST 2004

william(at)elan.net wrote:
> Now if you compare the policies for IPv4 ARIN does have a policy that
> multihoming (i.e. = has ASN) is an automatic justification for /24 from 
> one of the upstreams.  ...

Speaking of which, is there no swamp space left unallocated, or available
for reclamation?

Using a /24 from an upstream has disadvantages; many backbones filter
/24s in newer address space, and if the site later changes upstreams and
drops the original one, they'll need to renumber.

Ideally, since ARIN has to deal with the new multihomed site anyway to
issue an ASN, a truly portable /24 could be issued along with it.

Anthony DeBoer
Onramp Technical Support

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