[ppml] Re: ASN-based prefixes for leaf ASes

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Mon Mar 22 07:25:32 EST 2004

>My proposal was that automatic /48 allocations be made to anyone with an
>ASN, based on the premise that every AS will advertise at least one PI

And what is wrong with giving every AS an automatic /32?
Or to put it in a more systematic manner, let's offer
every AS holder some IPv6 space now. Let's ask them to
identify how many networks they currently connect in
order to estimate the number of /48's that would be
used to connect the same number of networks. Then
let's round this up to the next highest CIDR block 
boundary up to a maximum size of /32 and then give
them that much IPv6 space, today.

The basic principle is that because an AS holder
is using IPv4 today, they will almost certainly
use IPv6 at some future date. Therefore they have
a justified requirement for IPv6 address space.
And if an ISP is going to start offering IPv6
services, it is likely that they will eventually
be offering those services to all customers. By
counting the number of networks/sites they
connect today, we have a rough estimate of the
number of IPv6 sites that they will connect. 
But this offer is only a kickstart offer for
one IPv6 allocation therefore the offer should
be for no more than one /32. 

This does not mean that the RIRs have to create
a swamp. They could reserve a /32 for each AS but
only allocate the smaller block. Now, with these
assumptions, we have enough information to calulate
the amount of IPv6 space that would be used up.
Could someone please do the caculations and
let us know what percentage of the currently
defined unicast IPv6 space would be consumed by
such a kickstart program?

--Michael Dillon

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