[ppml] Re: ASN-based prefixes for leaf ASes

william(at)elan.net william at elan.net
Mon Mar 22 05:42:02 EST 2004

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> Thus spake "Stephen Sprunk" <stephen at sprunk.org>
> > I agree and invite input from ARIN members.  NOTE: Please include in your
> > comments whether you're a leaf or non-leaf AS.
> I forgot that PPML wasn't copied on the original message...  To clarify:
> My proposal was that automatic /48 allocations be made to anyone with an
> ASN, based on the premise that every AS will advertise at least one PI
> block.
If I remember right /48 is not a PI block (or rather it may not be within
ARIN region which uses different terminology), /48 are expected to be 
allocated by ISPs (LIRs) to customers with their own network (rather when 
its individual device and then its /64) but its  provider-dependent
(i.e. PA) as far as its being assigned by ISP where as PI would be 
micro-allocation directly by RIR

Now if you compare the policies for IPv4 ARIN does have a policy that
multihoming (i.e. = has ASN) is an automatic justification for /24 from 
one of the upstreams. Its not unreasonable to expect this to be extended 
to IPv6 and say that multihoming is justification for /48 from one of the 
upstreams or from RIR - however saying that is redundant as running 
independent network with multiple devices is already justification for /48 
from the LIR or upstream no matter if network it is multihomed or not :)

Now as far as assigning /48 for every ASN, lets not do it just yet - some 
ASNs may need larger blocks then just /48 and besides that there are way 
too many ASNs out there that are not used at all (getting close to 50%) 
and for those that are used some are used for special network preferences 
by the same provider that may not need separate /48. So just having ASN
out in whois does not mean they really need an /48 - that ASN holder must 
actually ask for it! 

However, what I would be for is allowing for micro-allocations from ARIN
(and this can/should be larger then /48 probably) so as to boostart use of 
IPv6. Currently if ASN holder is not a member of ARIN, they should request
ip block from their ISP or become member of ARIN and pay for that IPv6 block
$2500/year, I think we should allow for companies with ASN to be able to 
directly request IPv6 space from ARIN (micro-allocation) if their ISP
does not have yet have IPv6 space and that "ipv6 startup micro-allocations"
should cost less then regular full ipv6 blocks - possibly no extra money
if they are already paying yearly maintanance fee of $100/yr for ASN).

William Leibzon
Elan Networks
william at elan.net

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