[ppml] Please respond to my petition

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Fri Mar 12 06:08:22 EST 2004

>The petition is out there.  You have already chastised somebody for 
>responding negatively to your petition.  If people want to support it the 

>instructions are out there.

You are stepping awfully close to the borderline
of abusing your position on the ARIN Advisory Council.
You were not elected to tell people what they can and
cannot discuss on the *PUBLIC* policy mailing list.

This list is for anyone and everyone who wants to
air their views about ARIN's policies whether or not they
are ARIN members or elected ARIN officials.

And I didn't chastise anyone for responding negatively
to the petition. I was trying to point out that there
wasn't much point in getting into a debate about the
policy at this point. 

You, of all people, should be encouraging people to
work the new process which your advisory council put
in place for developing new policy. It would be appropriate
for you to post a message clarifying and explaining this
new process and explaining that the purpose of the
petition step is to take policies out of discussion
unless there is some support for having any discussion
in the first place. At least, that is my understanding
of it. 

In my message to which you responded, I was trying 
to sell the idea of putting the whois policy back
on the agenda. Seems to me that is a perfectly legitimate
discussion to have on the *PUBLIC* policy mailing list
and my message was quite aligned to the petition stage
of the new polic process.

So tell me, agent Mulder, just where are these
instructions that speak of? Where's the evidence? 

--Michael Dillon
  a.k.a. the URL Kid

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