[ppml] 2001-2 Revisited

McBurnett, Jim jmcburnett at msmgmt.com
Thu Mar 11 13:37:49 EST 2004

->I too would rather have ARIN space, but some entities don't feel that
->way.  I have a customer that utilizes a /21 of our space because they
->don't think they can afford the ARIN fees necessary to obtain their
->own space.
->2001-2 covers the situation where someone *wants* to use their 
->upstream's IP space for a /24 -- even if they might not hit address
->jstification guidelines.  There are legitimate reasons for this
->case -- distinct from the legitimate reasons for 2002-3.

Case in point, I have a /24 from my upstream, and I multi-home.
But it would take me 33 months worth of $$ to pay for the block from
ARIN at the rate I pay my upstream.... and the VP of Finance will not 
approve that..
Now if we are going to change primary providers at the end of the current contract,
that is different........


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