[ppml] AC Initial Review: Defining Utilization of IPv4 addresses

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Thu Mar 4 16:55:46 EST 2004

This message contains the ARIN Advisory Council's finding regarding the
initial 10-day review of proposed policy, "Defining Utilization of IPv4

During the initial review period the AC has to decide whether a proposed
policy merits further discussion or if it should be closed.  The AC has
three options, the AC can: 
  1)  support moving the proposed policy (as is) forward in the
evaluation process.
  2)  reach an agreement with the author to work together on the
proposed policy and to move it forward in the evaluation process. 
  3)  decide not to support moving the proposed policy forward in the
evaluation process.

Policies that are moved forward in the evaluation process are formally
numbered, posted online for discussion, and presented at ARIN's Public
Policy Meeting.

In the event that the Advisory Council and the author can not reach an
agreement, or that the Advisory Council decides not to support the
proposed policy, then the author may elect to use the petition process
to advance their proposal.  The following is a link to the ARIN Internet
Resource Policy Evaluation Process; for petition details please refer to
the section called "Petition Process":

Concerning the proposed policy, Defining Utilization of IPv4 addresses,
which was posted to PPML on 2/19/2004, and noting that the AC is not
making a statement of endorsement, the AC supports moving the proposed
policy (as is) forward in the evaluation process.  The next step is that
the policy proposal will be numbered and posted prior to the 30 day
deadline for the upcoming meeting.
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American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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