[ppml] Fw: Can a Customer take their IP's with them? (Court says yes!)

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Jun 30 10:38:42 EDT 2004

--On Tuesday, June 29, 2004 20:05 -0400 Ed Allen Smith 
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> In message <2147483647.1088525331@[]> (on 29 June 2004
> 16:08:51 -0700), owen at delong.com (Owen DeLong) wrote:
>>> ARIN can't enforce anything. But is anything stopping other providers
>>> than NAC from ignoring any publication by NAC that is forced by the TRO
>>> (and any publication from another ISP that the customer in question
>>> moves to)?
>>>     -Allen
>> Nothing that I know of, although, it is not unlikely UCI would then file
>> for a TRO against said provider.
> True, provided that said provider has a US presence. (The A in ARIN stands
> for the (two) continents, not for USA, after all.)
>       -Allen

Your question was about the action of an ISP.  ARIN isn't involved, and,
nothing would limit that ISP to the ARIN region.  Not having a US presence
does not prevent UCI from trying to get a TRO against them.  It may,
however, reduce the usefulness of said TRO if issued by US court.  Depending
on the countries, however, UCI may be able to seek relief in any number
of countries where said ISP has a presence.


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