[ppml] Fw: Can a Customer take their IP's with them? (Court says yes!)

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Jun 29 19:36:32 EDT 2004

>> my opinion is that it makes little difference.  one should not
>> confiscate property, whether loaned or owned.
> If the property is loaned (whether or not it was previously
> loaned to the new loaning party) under conditions, and said
> conditions are violated, then the loan is properly
> terminated/terminatable. In order to prevent further abuse, this
> termination may need to be adrupt, whether or not courtesy
> dictates that said termination not be adrupt without the element
> of abuse involved.

you are entitled to your opinion, thought it might be more polite
if it was couched as such.

as it stands, the nsp security community has means of dealing with
gross violations of the internet.


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