[ppml] whois.arin.net and bulk requests

Anthony DeBoer adb at onramp.ca
Thu Jun 24 08:38:45 EDT 2004

Leo Bicknell wrote:
> Perhaps the RIR's could help each other by trading backup hosting
> for whois services.  That is, ARIN would set up a server to mirror
> whois.ripe.net, whois.apnic.net, whois.lacnic.net, etc.  RIPE would
> do the same, and soforth.

And carrying that thought further, what about doing it in an integrated
manner?  That is, if you ask whois.arin.net about an address that was
delegated to RIPE, getting the whois.ripe.net answers back instead of
the ARIN go-ask-RIPE record.  Just a thought.

Anthony DeBoer
Onramp Technical Support

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