[ppml] whois.arin.net and bulk requests

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Wed Jun 23 16:11:22 EDT 2004

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Leslie Nobile wrote:

> Acceptable use of ARIN WHOIS data is generally defined as being for Internet
> operational or technical research purposes pertaining to Internet operations
> only.

That would be my intent.

> The bulk WHOIS data is provided in a compressed flat file, accessed via ftp
> and updated daily.  The file is about 80 megabytes.  The ARIN whois daemon
> is not available to the general public.

So there are no provisions to easily or efficiently setup mirrors of
whois.arin.net?  Hmm...maybe a good cause for a policy proposal.

Is the bulk data published as snapshots and diffs, or just a new ~80mb
snapshot each day?

Do you have any idea what's caused the two recent whois.arin.net outages?

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