[ppml] Bogons etc...

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Thu Jan 22 17:32:35 EST 2004

> Leo Bicknell wrote:
> No matter what mechanism you use to filter routes or
> packets you're not going to do a dynamic query per
> lookup, you're going to cache.  Even a BGP feed is
> a form of caching, since the local box keeps a copy
> of what it receives and checks against that. Be it
> distributed in BGP, DNS, or LDAP, or even SQL
> that's always going to be true.

Ack this. However, DNS caching means secondary zones which causes
numerous problems on a large scale, I have never seen a
distributed/replicated LDAP database that works on a large scale, and a
distributed/replicated SQL database among a large number of
administratively separate participants would be a nightmare to get
going. This is why bogon/filtering outfits are regrouping around BGP on

> I'm sure many people would like to have a reliable
> way to use this data to filter SMTP connections from
> unallocated space, or IRC connections, or modify
> host based firewall rules to drop the raw packets.
> [..]
> but respectfully I think you're thinking about
> too narrow of a solution.

What's above is what I would call a too narrow solution; all these
things can and already are derived from the BGP feed.

> ARIN is here to serve the community [..] and ARIN
> should enable those people to do what they want

They already do.

> My assertion that people want this service, and will
> use this service is not theoretical.

People _already_ use this service. The existing format was reviewed by
the community, I believe.

> If you want to lead the charge to make sure no bogus
> prefix ever appears on any backbone anywhere, and that
> no packets are ever sourced from a bogus block, by all
> means please do.

That's not the intent, actually. This would require some for of
certificate or other authentication that is not currently available.
Paging Geoff Huston...

> However, until that work is done let us have the
> slightly ugly duckling, but already deployed
> solution proped up a bit, so we at least have a
> fighting chance to stop some abuse in the interim.

Which is my goal as well. Can you remind me about your publicly
available operational work regarding filtering?


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