[ppml] Bogons etc...

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Thu Jan 22 02:52:10 EST 2004

> Jon Lewis wrote:
> Yeah right.  Having personally interfaced with some
> of the broken networks, I'd say it's more a matter
> of "someone setup a filter" and nobody maintains it.

That's exactly what I was _trying_ to say :-)
Please not the blurry distinction between:

>> Michel
>> It's because it takes time for any large organization 
>> to update their bogon filters on all their routers.


> Jon
> "someone setup a filter" and nobody maintains it.


> In these cases, it would actually have been better
> if they did hook up a bogon BGP feed to their
>  network...at least that would update itself when
> the person who configured it had moved on.


> [filters] but in general, still nobody maintains them.

Thanks for making my point; that's precisely why I picked my co-authors
for the redisfilter draft: they actually have clues on what it takes to
maintain that kind of stuff and use it operationally.


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