[ppml] Bogons etc...

Hyunseog Ryu HRyu at norlight.com
Wed Jan 21 13:27:08 EST 2004

As far as I understand, RIR should be working from policy side, not
operational side.
If we want to push RIRs to maintain operational aspect, there will be
questions regarding responsibility, service reliability, etc.

If RIRs work together to have consolidated list of bogon IP addresses, that
will be great.
But having RIRs running operational service using those info is not
desirable, I believe.

CYMRU's bogon BGP peering or its own in-house tools for bogon is
responsibility by ISP or customer's its own responsibility.

Do we want to address filtering issues using another protocol? I think
that's overuse of protocols.

For information for accurate bogon list info, I welcome RIR's involvement
to publish those info.
But for operational side, I think RIR should not be involved.


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