[ppml] Bogons etc...

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Wed Jan 21 12:05:33 EST 2004

>Further, I think the place to do this is with DNS, much like many
>of the spam black lists. 

I think we need to agree on the principle first, then
sort out what will be published and only then decide on
the mechanism for publishing.

Today we use the horribly broken whois protocol and
the much better (but somewhat obscure) BGP protocol and
the ubiquitous (but primitive) DNS protocol. The IETF has
also done a lot of work on creating a scalable directory
access protocol (LDAP) that is widely deployed in corporate
networks but strangely ignored on the Internet.

In any case, like you, I'd like to see a mechanism that
is scriptable by all concerned. Whois has show that it
can't do that consistently. We've seen text parsing problems
on both the server end and the client end.

DNS, BGP and LDAP all potentially solve the parsing problems
and all are scriptable. My personal opinion is that LDAP would
be a better solution because it supports schemas which makes it
darn near impossible to create a parsing problem.

Anyone can set up a box with BIND or Zebra or OpenLDAP to receive
a data feed and integrate it with their internal systems. If
we stick to DNS and LDAP then it is easy to turn any
Python/Perl/TCL/Ruby script into a DNS or LDAP client so there
is even less infrastructure required. 

But what do we publish? Who is responsible? What
are the limits?

That's where we need some policy work to be done.

--Michael Dillon

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