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reward for ISP's 
HMMM.. Ya know if ARIN did this, this then gives them to ability to
"recall" IP space..
If the major ISP's sign on, and a IP block is hijacked and then proven.
ARIN places that block in the BOGON filter the MAJOR ISP's stop routing it
and we solve hijacking, "leaked" blocks and do it from an administrative 



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> There are various projects out there which try to address the issue of
> which IP address ranges should be visible on the Internet. The major
> one that many of you will know of is Team Cymru's Bogon Route
> Server project http://www.cymru.com/BGP/bogon-rs.html
> This project tries to track an announce IP address ranges which
> should not be visible on the Internet, i.e. bogons. There is another
> project found at http://69box.atlantic.net which deals with a related
> but somewhat opposite issue. This project deals with making sure
> that IP address ranges which should be visible on the Internet are
> indeed functioning.
> It seems to me that this kind of project is something that should
> be coming from ARIN or the RIRs jointly.

It's an interesting idea,  but very open-ended in terms of resource

What were you thinking of as incentives for ISPs etc. to stop the leakage?


Ian Baker
Webmaster, codecutters.org

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