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> There are various projects out there which try to address the issue of
> which IP address ranges should be visible on the Internet. The major
> one that many of you will know of is Team Cymru's Bogon Route
> Server project http://www.cymru.com/BGP/bogon-rs.html
> This project tries to track an announce IP address ranges which
> should not be visible on the Internet, i.e. bogons. There is another
> project found at http://69box.atlantic.net which deals with a related
> but somewhat opposite issue. This project deals with making sure
> that IP address ranges which should be visible on the Internet are
> indeed functioning.
> It seems to me that this kind of project is something that should
> be coming from ARIN or the RIRs jointly.

It's an interesting idea,  but very open-ended in terms of resource

What were you thinking of as incentives for ISPs etc. to stop the leakage?


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