[ppml] Utilization

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Fri Feb 13 06:16:53 EST 2004

>*** Utilization rate is not entirely correct terminology as it actually
>refers to how fast IP address space is used over time. 

You're right, however the current policy uses the term
"utilization rate" in contexts that clearly are talking
about utilization percentage, e.g. cable address space
policy. Since I don't want to rewrite the whole policy
set at this time, I'm sticking with the word "rate" for

>*** Under current policy, when reviewing overall utilization, ARIN looks 
>sub-delegations made to the ISP's services (i.e. DSL, dial-up.),
>web-hosting, and infrastructure, in addition to reassignments and
>reallocations made to other organizations.

It sounds like your working definition of utilization is,
in fact, the same as the explicit definition I am
proposing for the policy.

>*** The total utilization percentage is currently calculated this way.

Thank you, Leslie. Hopefully we can now get this down
in black and white so that everyone understands this in
the same way.

--Michael Dillon

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