[ppml] Proposed policy - Defining Utilization of IPv4 address es

Huff, Mark mark.huff at integratelecom.com
Fri Feb 20 13:37:21 EST 2004

#4 requires ISP to police there customer base for proper usage of downstream

Other than stating the requirement to customers in a AUP, how effective can
a ISP police the use of IP space granted. Once blocks are assigned,
inquiries to customers for audit of the space would likely go unanswered.

Mark Huff

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> Policy Proposal Name: Defining Utilization of IPv4 addresses
> Author: Michael Dillon
> Author's Organization: Radianz, Inc.
> Policy term: permanent
> Policy statement: 
> 1. When an ISP applies for IPv4 address space, ARIN analyzes the
>    utilization rate of any existing IPv4 address blocks allocated 
>    to the ISP.
> 2. For the purposes of calculating the utilization rate of ARIN
>    allocations, any IPv4 address range that is assigned or allocated
>    by the ISP to another organization will be counted as utilized if
>    it meets the following two conditions.
> 3. The assigned or allocated address range must be of a size that is
>    justified by ARIN policy.
> 4. The ISP must require the other organization to use their addresses
>    efficiently, in particular by using VLSM and CIDR technologies.
> 5. The utilization rate of an address block is calculated as the 
>    number of utilized addresses divided by the total number of 
>    addresses in the block.
> Rationale: 
> Currently, there is no clear definition of utilization in ARIN's IPv4
> policy. The result is that different organizations interpret this in 
> different ways. This policy change is an attempt to level the playing
> field so that noone has an unfair competitive advantage due to the
> vagueness of the policy.
> This policy change only provides a clear definition for the 
> utilization
> rate of address blocks allocated by ARIN to ISPs. It does not 
> address the
> utilization rate of address blocks assigned to end users which would
> presumably be calculated differently by counting end devices, network
> and broadcast addresses.
> Timetable for implementation: 30 days after ratification

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