[ppml] On subject of 2003-3 and 2003-5 and whois data availability

william<at>elan.net william at elan.net
Thu Feb 12 15:09:01 EST 2004

The subject of 2003-3 and what needs to be reported in whois reminded of 
something I wanted to be clarified. It appears several companies (L3 for 
example) are of the opinion that they do not need to report customer
announcements in whois and they are only required to report them to ARIN
Before they partly justified this by saying they have internal rwhois 
server that they make available to ARIN which complies with ARIN polices.

I'd like to know ARIN's and others opinion on this and if they believe the 
current policies require companies to make all reassignments to customers
(reassignments of /28 or larger I think) be available in public whois or 
publicly available through ISP maintained rwhois server. 

And does this issue with requirement for public access to rwhois properly 
addresses by 2003-5 policy proposal (i.e. would I be able to tell them 
that they must make access to rwhois server publicly available after this 
policy is adapted by BOT). Also when 2003-5 is adapted what kind of 
time-frame does ARIN estimate it needs to provide to its ISP members to 
make any necessary improvements in service to properly comply with this 
policy. Here I have a suggest that after policy is adapted that ARIN send 
notice to tech and admin contacts for all organizations that use rwhois 
server to inform that they of the adaption of this policy and that they 
have such and such fixed timeframe to make necesary changes and that 
after that time ARIN will check on the rwhois server to make sure its 
properly configured and returns proper information (ok, maybe asking 
ARIN to do check on every rwhois server is too much of resource drain but 
it can probably do some random checks and act on reports).

William Leibzon
Elan Networks
william at elan.net

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