[ppml] Nasty business with 2003-3

andrew.dul at quark.net andrew.dul at quark.net
Thu Feb 12 12:49:46 EST 2004

Quoting Michael.Dillon at radianz.com:
> Now the board of trustees did note this as an issue and referred the 
> policy proposal back to the AC. But the AC did not address the privacy 
> issue at all. They simply bounced it back to the BoT with a note that
> they 
> had "discussed" the issue.
> This is a flawed policy proposal. It claims to improve residential
> privacy 
> and yet it does not remove all the data which identifies the residential
> user.

We did discuss the issue and I personally believed that there was not a 
substantial issue here to consider.  I agree that the text of the policy 
probably could have been written better to be clearer.  

I do not understand how you feel that the following showing up in whois is a 
privacy concern.

Private Customer
Private Address
Seattle, WA 98102

I believe this was the intent of the policy.  If you and/or others feel that 
this was not the intent then we need a new policy to clarify this by using the 
exact fields and the exact text that should appear for residential customers.

Andrew Dul

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