[ppml] HD Ratio changes

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Feb 10 22:48:45 EST 2004

So... To further simplify (sarcasm intended) this policy, I guess we'd need
to specify or find out how ARIN would go about determining available hosts
within a topology to compare against utilized hosts.

Michael, care to elaborate on this?


--On Tuesday, February 10, 2004 19:58 -0500 Anthony DeBoer <adb at onramp.ca> 

> William Stucke wrote:
>> The Excel spreadsheet quoted by Ian Baker at
>>  	http://www.codecutters.org/temp/HD-Ratio.xls
>> makes the erroneous assumption that 254 out of every 256 addresses are
>> available for any size block, when in fact it's 2 addresses (first and
>> last) out of any size block that are unavailable.
> On the other hand, if you take a big block and carve it into /29s for
> customer subnets, then a quarter of a huge allocation can disappear
> into subnet broadcast addresses.  You can't count the number of possible
> hosts in a block unless you know how it's subnetted.
> And, if you're assigning /32s to customer endpoints, you could use *every*
> IP address in a block, so it's possible to beat the single-big-ethernet
> limit by two hosts.  :-)

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