[ppml] Proposed Policy: PI assignments for V6

Kurt Erik Lindqvist kurtis at kurtis.pp.se
Thu Dec 16 02:08:28 EST 2004

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(As I am going to be off-line for 10 days after this, I will leave the 
rest of the points and just pick this one up)

On 2004-12-14, at 16.51, Owen DeLong wrote:

>> You are arguing that ULAs can't be traced if they are leaked, but that
>> we could reclaim PI space. I think you can trace ULAs, I am not as
>> convinced we can reclaim PI space. But I really hope I would be wrong
>> on that one.
> I didn't argue they couldn't be traced.  I argued that it would be 
> difficult
> to impossible to identify ownership on non-registered ULA.  I argued 
> that
> registered ULA would be de facto PI.  I stand by both of these 
> statements.
> I believe if there were community consensus around reclaiming v6 PI
> allocations under this policy, it could easily be done.  Perhaps not as
> quickly as you would like, but, it can be done.

As I said in an earlier note, if (and I still hope not) this proposal 
gets support, it really need to address the reclaiming policy, when, 
how, and why. Saying "it can be done", and then leaving that for the 
future will get us down the IPv4 road.

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