[ppml] Reclamation (Was: Proposed Policy: PI assignments for V6)

Howard, W. Lee L.Howard at stanleyassociates.com
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> > Please cite your sources.
> perhaps you could do your homework _before_ posting 
> arithmetic assertions, not after?

But gee, Randy, if I hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have had the pleasure
of this dialogue.

I looked at http://www.iana.org/assignments/ipv4-address-space
and compared allocated to announced, a while back.  My result
was about 10% reclaimable.  I was looking at addresses, not

> i saw george's and geoff's presentation in the apnic routing 
> sig, see 
> i believe it was also shown at a recent nanog, and should have been >
shown at the recent arin meeting, but i don't know if it was.

Thank you.  In fact, I hadn't seen that presentation (and still haven't, but
I've read the transcript).  The relevant line:

  If we used [unmanaged allocated space] as well I think you'd 
  buy about another ten years out of this space if you actively
  managed the As rather than shut your eyes and hoped they went 
						-- Geoff Huston

Also, the discussion of how much life IPv4 has is available at
http://www.arin.net/newsletter/2003_Third_Qtr.pdf among other 


> randy

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